Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Grocery Deals Lincoln, NE

Weekly Groceries 9/2/09
I wanted to let you know that I was successful at price matching at Target this week and getting 6 boxes of Lucky Charms for my daycare (used for breakfast, sorting, and crafts) for 1.48. I would have gotten them all for .48, but I lost a $1.00 Target coupon on the way into the storeL The sale price at Hyvee was 1.56…so I considered it a good dealJ It was just as easy to price match there has it was at Super Saver!!

Zion Carnival tonight!

Reminder: the Zion church (and many other organizations) save Box Tops, Best Choice, and other bar codes for reimbursement. It is easy to save.

There is also a greater need at the People’s City Mission as well…so if you have a stockpile too high, think of othersJ

Lincoln websites for the latest grocery deals – or

Raspberries 1.98/6oz
Robert’s Sour Cream .99 (coupons)
New York Strip Steak 3.99 lb
Lay’s Potato Chips 1.77 10-11oz
Boneless Chicken Breasts 1.99 lb
Blueberries 2.88 1 pint
Manwich .99 (1.00/1 Q – I don’t use this, but I for .29 someone else canJ)
Stouffer’s Lasagna/Enchiladas 9.99 (-1/1 Q)
Kandy Cantaloupe 1.48
Baby Carrots 1.00 16oz
Quaker Oatmeal 1.48/18 oz *Q in Cash Saver, but you have to buy 5
Kraft Dressing 1.50 (-1.50/2 coupon)
Midwest country Fare Sugar 1.58 4 lb
Pillsbury Cake Mix .88
HyVee Marshmallows .99

HyVee Online

Boneless Beef Bottom Round or Rump Roast 2.49 lb
Campbell’s Soup at Hand/Heat and Enjoy Soup $5/4 (-1.00/2 and .50/1 = .87 a piece)
Kool-Aid Drink Mix .5/packet
Large Eggs .95/Dozen
Pork Steak 1.49/lb
Oscar Meyer Thick Carved Meat .99/8oz (while supplies last!!!)
Colorado Peaches .97lb
Gala Apples or Paula Red Apples 2.27/3lbs

Sun Mart
Lots of meat in boxes?!?
Country Style Ribs .99 lb

Meadow Gold Milk 1.97/gallon
General Mills Cereal 12-14 oz Cheerios, Honey Nut, Golden Grahams 1.97
*Price match at Target (bring ad) - $1/General Mills Cereal Target Q, .55 or $1/2 boxes = .42-.47 a boxJ
Kemp’s Ice Cream 2.97/4.38 qt (save your ice cream tub for me, we need them for schoolJ)
Ear of corn .24

Frozen Desserts 2 for $5 – Breyers, Ben and Jerry’s, etc
Hot Pocket/Lean Pockets 1.77 (-1.00/3 Q = 1.44 each)
Save Mart
Nothing too exciting

*if anyone has any advice on meat prices I would love to know more. We usually have gotten a ½ a beef, but $650 is a lot to shell out at one time. I am curious of what you do and what good prices areJ thanks!
Target (check back to chicks dig deals for grocery matchups)
Johnson's Head To Toe baby wash - $2.19use $1/1 TQ hereuse $1/1 MQ herefinal cost $.19
Bounty dryer bar - $3.99use $1/1 MQ 8/30 P&G or $2.50 or $1.50/1 MQ from Vocal Point maileruse $1.50/1 TQ 8/23 RPfinal cost $.49-$1.49
Skittles crazy cores - $.64use $1/1 TQ herefinal cost FREE - coupon adjust down so no overage
Travel Section Deals –
Tide detergent - 1 load - $1use $1/1 MQ 8/30 P&Gfinal cost FREEHead & Shoulders - $1use $1/1 MQ 8/30 P&Gfinal cost FREE

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