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Grocery Deals Lincoln, NE 8/4/09

Weekly Groceries 8/4/09
I’m backJ I have decided that my week was a bit crazy last week without my ads. I didn’t realize that this Wed morning ritual has become a routine in my family and without it the dominos don’t fall right. I also realized that I have helped more families save money or gain confidence in their shopping abilities than I had realized.

Another realization last week was that I save MUCH more money shopping at Super Saver than I do at Walmart. You might not think this is true…but it is. Super Saver often price matches Russ’s and Hyvee’s ads automatically on the shelves (no ad needed) and marks them down 1-2 cents cheaper than the actual ad. Note: If you stay on course to only buy the sale items…then you save money. If you steer off the sale ad course, then you might not be saving much money.

Also for you price matchers at Walmart…you (or shall I say I) get sucked into the other areas of the store that Super Saver doesn’t have. Shopping at Super Saver allows me to keep the “eye on the prize.”

Have a great week and I am very happy to be doing the sale ads for myself this week and hope it brings some “calm” to your week as well!

Reminder: the Zion church (and many other organizations) save Box Tops, Best Choice, and other bar codes for reimbursement. It is easy to save.

There is also a greater need at the People’s City Mission as well…so if you have a stockpile too high, think of othersJ

Lincoln websites for the latest grocery deals – or


Menards has great back to school prices for rebates and kids gifts. I got .99 (with 5.00 MIR) backpacks for our backpack program at school, cool marker set of 4 FREE (w/2.50 MIR) for birthday gifts. This is a great time to think about stuffing the Operation Christmas Child gifts as well for little or nothing out of your pocket.

Peter Pan Peanut Butter13 or 16.3 oz .99 (I have 1.00 off coupon from MIR, Woohoo!)
Hyvee Jelly 32 oz .99
Granny Smith Apples .88 lb
Hillshire Farm Select Lunchmeat 8 or 9 oz $2.50
Ziploc 25 ct bags 2/$5 (only good price if you use $1/2 coupon)

Hyvee Butter 1.38 1lb
Hyvee Ice Cream 1.75 qt 1.38
Hyvee Thin Sliced Deli Ham 2.99 lb (you can almost get pre-packaged price from the DELI)
Hyvee Sugar 4 lb 1.68 (not exceptional…but if you need sugar to cook up garden produce into somethingJ)
Midwest Country Fare Mushrooms .48 4 oz
Kraft Salad Dressing 1.50 16 oz
Post Cereal 5 for $10 (use 2 coupons $1/3, $1/2 to make them $1.60 a box…good to donate)
Hyvee Yogurt .37 6-8 oz
Wanchiai Ferry Complete Frozen Meals 6.49 ($2/1 coupon…might be worth a try instead of staple frozen pizza for Mom’s night off)
Pillsbury Grands!, Biscuits, Crescent or Cinnamon Rolls 1.69
Farmland Bacon 1.99 12-16 oz
Farmland Jumbo Franks .99 16oz
Hyvee Cheese Slices 12 oz .99
Berry Patch (Rasp, blackber, strawber, blueber) 1.88 pint

HyVee Online
I am not finding many good deals online at Hyvee…as I can’t price match them with an ad at Super Saver.

Knorr Side Dishes .88 ($.50/2 expires this week)
10lb meat sale
Best Choice Texas Style Biscuits .50 12 oz
Honeysuckle Deli Sliced Meat 8oz 2.49
Bartlett Pears 10 lbs for $10 (if you can’t eat them all…freeze them for yummy smoothies)

Didn’t see anything too exciting, but double check on Chicks Dig Deals

Pork Spare Ribs 1.78 lb
Country Style Pork Ribs 1.28 lb (I didn’t know there were different kinds…hmm there were 8 featured in this ad. If you know and want to teach me, I would love to know the difference)
Kraft BBQ Sauce .75 18 oz
Hunt’s Spaghetti Sauce .87 26.5 oz
Pepsi 24 pk cans 5.48 (buy 3 save $3…so 4.48 a pack)
Robert’s Cottage Cheese 1.47 (.50 coupon from SP)
Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers 2.38 ($1/2 coupon expires this week)

Save Mart
Crisco Veg Oil 48 oz 2.08

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